Enjoy radiant health
Blue Ridge Mountains
North Carolina

Healing Tao University offers

30 Tao Summer Retreats

  • Top Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation & Healing Masters
  • Largest Tao arts program in the world–
    25 years successful history
  • Everyone welcome–beginner to advanced
  • Great people, good food, high energy–at a low cost!
  • New location: Mars Hill, near Asheville, N. C.
  • Only 35 minutes from Asheville Airport (AVL)
  • Get Certified in Tai Chi, Qigong, Energy Healing!
info@healingtaoretreats.com      888-750-1773 in USA.
Retreats in the mystic Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, USA
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Qigong & Tao Inner Alchemy: Activate your Energy Body
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Enjoy a Healing Chi Retreat!

From: Michael Winn,
Founder & Director, Healing Tao Summer Retreats


Are you ready to quicken your path to radiant health? Want to relax in a sunny mountain setting, while you have fun learning Tao subtle energy healing and meditation arts? Curious to learn the science of inner sexual alchemy, and self-generate a feeling of “whole-body bliss”? Want to permanently “breathe” 6 to 10 lbs. of fat away each week with weight-loss chi kung? Want to feel your body move gracefully in a tai chi form? Seeking a new career in energetic bodywork and personal development? Interested in taking charge of both your worldly and spiritual destiny?

If you answer “YES!” to any question, our summer retreats are the right place for you. Whether you are a beginner who wants guidance from top masters or a professional seeking to refine your skills and gain certification, at Mars Hill you will receive the best possible training at the lowest possible price. The Healing Tao USA retreat program was described by one student as “the most fun, the most grounded, the most effective, and the most advanced energy body work on Planet Earth”.

With an average of 30 retreats, we offer the largest summer program of Tao Arts & Sciences in the world. Even in China you cannot get under one roof what is offered here – and its in clear English! We have a faculty of twenty top tai chi, chi kung (qigong), energy healing and meditation masters that collectively have over 500 years experience. These Healing Tao retreats have a 20 year history of success.

Regardless of age, sex, race, or spiritual path, you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly community of Tao practitioners that laughs a lot and knows how to have serious fun. Laughter centered in your belly happens to be a great way to circulate your chi and stay healthy. Along with the serene Inner Smile, these are two typical Tao methods – so simple a child can master them, yet powerful. Many people think they cannot meditate. But when they try an easy body-centered meditation – sitting, standing, or moving (tai chi or chi kung) - they quickly feel successful, and their chronic diseases and emotional problems magically melt away.

Enjoy a Spiritual Learning Vacation

These Tao summer retreats are not for austere monks. They are more like a spiritual summer fun or a “learning vacation". Yet the incredible experience people have at these retreats is beyond words. The chi field we cultivate during our retreats is very focused and coherent, unlike retreat centers that sponsor a mishmash of dozens or hundreds of different teachings - causing the chi to get mixed up.

Mars Hill retreat campus is a living garden sculpture amidst forests and mountains.

We cultivate a chi field at the retreats that is unified and far more potent for healing or self-realization. Every course you take – even if years apart – builds and adds onto what you’ve already learned. It is one reason why so many students return. You don’t need to work at figuring out how everything fits together – many seekers struggle to re-invent the wheel. A wide array of body-mind-movement arts have already been integrated by Chinese masters over the last 5,000 years! Each retreat you take will polish another facet of the same jewel.

Tao may be the oldest living tradition in the world. Its simplicity and wisdom has been hard-earned over the last 5,000 years. Called the “pathless path”, Tao embraces all paths. Tao is pronounced “Dao” and spelled that way by modern scholars. The term Tao historically functioned in China as a kind of divine natural umbrella embracing all religions and all seekers.

Qigong (Chi Kung) means “skill at cultivating the subtle breath or universal life force”. Taoist “chi cultivation” is the grandparent of many Chinese arts: acupuncture, feng shui, martial arts, nutrition, massage, herbology, meditation and sexology. Yin-yang and five element/phase theory of chi field behavior are the fundamental principles unifying all Chinese culture and are in the process of being recognized by modern natural sciences. More about Tao & Qigong (Chi Kung), click here.

Women's Earth Qigong class at Heavenly Mtn.

Tao is also about change. Our faculty of top modern Taoist masters are busy integrating western discoveries and their personal insights. They make ancient Tao methods more accessible to westerners.

Healing Tao's Blue Ridge Mountain Retreats are a virtual “cauldron of transformation”. Choose from thirty different six day or weekend retreats. All this at a remarkably low cost – multiple tuition discounts go as low as $70 a day. To reserve each retreat (choose one per week), a deposit of only $150. is needed. As a non-profit (501c3) spiritual university, the low cost of retreats can be further reduced by a 40% tax deductions.

Add in a lot of friendly, good-hearted people, great food, a sunny Blue Ridge mountain setting – and bingo! - you have a WINNER. Some people come to take a personal retreat only, but still enjoy at meals interesting conversation with the wide range of independent-minded spiritual seekers who are attracted to Healing Tao Retreats.

Getting there is easy - 35 minutes by taxi from Asheville Airport. If you have a car, you can take the Skyline Drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, widely considered the most beautiful drive in America. A car is also useful to visit the many beautiful nearby sites, such as Hot Springs' natural thermal baths, Laurel River trail, Craggy Gardens overlook, Mt. Mitchell (highest peak on east coast) Linville Falls, white water rafting, fabulous hiking to various waterfalls within a hour+ drive. Asheville itself has many attractions, most famously the Biltmore Estate, America's largest private home, a 275 room chateau. Others will enjoy the 20 micro-breweries and the art-deco architecture.

For Photos of people at previous Tao retreats, click here
For Photos of recent Healing Tao faculty, click here
For Photos of Mars Hill Retreat Center click here

I guarantee you that these retreats will be the energetic highlight of your year. I personally feel a super-high energy charge from them that lasts the rest of the year. I know many others have a similar experience. You will leave feeling younger, healthier, and more enlightened. Weekend workshops in cities are convenient and valuable, but the live-in experience of these retreats is of a much higher order. Folks coming here breathe chi, eat chi, and dream chi together.

Mantak Chia leads tai chi in One Cloud's Sanctuary

The full description and date of each retreat is posted below. Many people buy the home study audio-video-DVD courses & books in advance to get a head start, which I highly recommend. You’ll be able to absorb a lot more chi at the retreat if you have already absorbed the background information. Check the product listings after each retreat for special offers on some home study courses – up to 50% REBATE on a homestudy course if you take the retreat within the year.

Feel free to call our registrar at 888-750-1773 to get some expert advice.... 4 Ways to Register, click here.

I am looking forward to Smiling and Laughing with you this summer.
I am especially excited about the amazing experiences you will have feeling your chi flow in so many healthy and enlightened new ways!

Michael Winn

Founder & Director,
Healing Tao University

The Tao or Natural Way offers a safe bridge into the center of the Cosmos. Tao has simple and practical methods to activate the Chi (Qi) swirling inside the "micro-Cosmos" within each of us. When you book a summer retreat at Healing Tao at Mars Hill, you open the portal to a new body and a new life.

Healing Tao USA Summer Retreats 2014

Mars Hill, near Asheville, North Carolina

HealingTaoRetreats.com 888-750-1773 retreats@HealingTaoUSA.com

China Dream Trip: May 16 – June 3, 2014 - led by Michael Winn

Retreat tuition is only $495. For entire week! Tax deductible 501c3.

Week 1 June 20 - 25 (Fri-Wed) + Summer Solstice Ceremony

1a. Medical & Spiritual Qigong Fundamentals 1-4 – Michael Winn

1b. Chinese Yoga Tao-Yin + Inner Smile & Chi Self Massage –Andrew McCart

Week 2 June 27 – July 2 (Fri-Wed)

2a. Healing Love: Taoist Sexual Secrets - Michael Winn & Minke deVos

2b. Fusion 1 Emotional Alchemy + Iron Shirt 1 Rooting

  • Andrew McCart & Steven Sy

3b. How to Cultivate Creative Qi: Leonardo DaVinci Qigong - Michael Gelb

Week 3 July 4 - July 9 (Fri-Wed)

3a. Medical Qigong for Energy Healers – Minke de Vos

3b. Fusion 2 & 3 Macrocosmic Orbit + Primordial Qigong:

8 Extraordinary Vessels of the Soul” -- David Twicken

3c. Inner Sexual Alchemy (Lesser Kan & Li) – Michael Winn

3d. Iron Shirt Qigong 2 & 3: Tendon and Bone Marrow Washing

– Andrew McCart

Week 4 July 11 - 16 (Fri-Wed)

4a. Chi Nei Tsang 1: Deep Organ Massage – Jampa Stewart

4b. Sun-Moon Alchemy Greater Kan & Li: Healing Our Ancestors

- Michael Winn

4c. Tai Chi Qigong #1 Rooting + #2 Fast Fighting Form - Steven Sy

Week 5 July18 – 23 (Fri-Wed)

5a. Chi Nei Tsang 2: Open Wind Gates – Jampa Stewart

5b.      9 Palace Bagua Zhang: Martial Art meets Mysticism & Magic   

- Frank Allen

5c.      Northern Wu Taiji Quan: Final Refinement of Classical Taiji Quan   

- Tina Zhang

5d.       Star Alchemy: Shaping Our Spiritual Destiny - Michael Winn 

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2013 Retreats

Click on links to see course descriptions coming soon for 2014

Please email registrar for bookings and questions:
Julia Considine summersupport@earthlink.net

Housing Costs

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Retreat Code
Retreat Title
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information about the Retreat
Dates Instructor(s)
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 1
Medical & Spiritual Qigong: Fundamentals 1-4
Certification Course. 4 Video links.
June 21 - June 26, 2013 Michael Winn
Rejuvenation Qigong + Fusion 2 &3 + Primordial Qigong
June 21 - June 26, 2013 David Twicken
Medical Qigong for Energy HealersJune 21 - June 26, 2013 Minka de Vos
Qigong Fundamentals: Levels 1 & 2 WeekendJune 21 - June 23, 2013 Michael Winn
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 2
Healing Love: Taoist Sexual SecretsJune 28 - July 03, 2013 Michael Winn
Minka de Vos
Fusion of Five Elements 1 + Iron Shirt 1 Rooting
Emotional Alchemy. See Video link.
June 28 - July 03, 2013 Andrew McCart
Steven Sy
Chinese Medical & Spiritual Astrology
+ 5 Elements Qigong (15 CEUs)
June 28 - June 30, 2013 David Twicken
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 3
Tao Qigong Basics & Sexual Energy YogaJuly 05 - July 10, 2013 Minka de Vos
Tai Chi Qigong Short Yang Form
Move with Ease, Power & Grounding
July 05 - July 10, 2013 Andrew McCart
Inner Sexual Alchemy: Lesser Kan & Li (Water & Fire)
Get Pregnant with your Inner Sage
July 05 - July 10, 2013 Michael Winn
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 4
Chi Nei Tsang 1: Deep Organ Massage
Practitioner Certification
July 11 - July 16, 2013 Jampa Stewart
Chinese Yoga / Tao-Yin: Free Your Psoas!
Certification Course. See Video link.
July 11 - July 16, 2013 Andrew McCart
Planetary Soul Alchemy: Greatest Kan & LiJuly 11 - July 16, 2013 Michael Winn
Healing Tao Summer Retreat
Week 5
Chi Nei Tsang 2: Opening the Wind GatesJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Jampa Stewart
Legacy Form: Taiji + Wu Xing + Bagua ZhangJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Frank Allen
Classical Northern Wu Style TaijiJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Tina Zhang
Heaven & Earth AlchemyJuly 17 - July 22, 2013 Michael Winn
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How to Register for Retreats

There are four different ways to register for a summer retreat.
All four ways are simple and easy:

1.Phone. If you have questions or need advice, our registrar can assist you in choosing the correct retreat(s) for you. Best to have a printout of the retreats list handy when you call.

Questions? Call 888-750-1773

Note: It’s safe to leave credit card information on our answering machine.

2.Email your registration and $150. deposit for each retreat (or to buy products): info@healingtaoretreats.com

3.Internet. Register online on this site. Just go to the “retreats descriptions” button and click on the code number in the left column (example: DM-0402). A special “retreat shopping cart” form will appear for registration.

Add as many retreats to the shopping cart as you like. You can only take one retreat per week (no jumping around between retreats).

You can CHANGE YOUR CHOICE OF RETREAT at any time prior to this summer WITHOUT PENALTY. (please notify us 30 days in advance, but later changes are permitted, if there is space available. The instructor must agree to accept someone if retreat has already begun.)

Online registration will only charge you a $150. deposit per retreat. The balance must be paid by credit card, mailed check, bank wire or cash. Please read our Cancellation Policy and the conditions under which your deposit could be forfeited.

Please DO NOT DOUBLE-CLICK the final SUBMIT button, you may get charged twice. Be patient and wait for confirmation. If you don’t get it, call or email us and let us know what happened.

4. Postal Mail. Mail your deposit, payable to "Healing Tao USA", to this office adddress:
Healing Tao USA
4 Bostic Place
Asheville, NC 28803

Don’t worry about filling out the registration form wrong using any of the above 4 methods. When you register in person at the retreat, we will double check to make sure you have taken all discounts possible and that you get the lowest price possible.

Last minute registrations on retreats are accepted. We usually find space for late signups, but please call as early as possible. It is also very common for people to decide at the last minute to stay on for extra retreats. Many people decide to stay once they "wake up" and start to feel the amazing chi flow in their body.

You save money by registering for more than one retreat in advance (See Multiple Tuition discounts in Tuition section).

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Early Registration: Money Saving Tips

  • Register Early! The most important thing is that you reserve your space by sending in a $150. DEPOSIT for EACH course you want to take. The balance should be paid as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days before the retreat starts.

  • Space is limited! Secure your spot with 50% payment. You need to make at least 50% payment of total room & tuition 30 days in advance to reserve your space. Late payment could cause someone else to get your space on a popular retreat.

  • Pay in Full 60 Days early - it pays you back! You get an additional $20. REBATE off EACH full room & tuition payment made 60 days before the start of that course. This saving is beyond any other multiple discount or foreign/senior discounts. If you’re taking several courses, that adds up to a lot of savings.

    Get FREE BONUS Video/DVD
    for Early Bird Registration

    April 15 at midnight is the cutoff date!

  • Call/mail/wire ONE retreat deposit POSTMARKED by April 15.
    GET FREE $45. DVD: Michael Winn's Sexual Vitality Chi Kung.

  • Call or mail deposits for TWO retreats by April 15.
    Get a 2nd FREE DVD by Michael Winn
    (choose from 8 videos available). That's an $90. total value!

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    Tuition & Discounts

    • Tuition is $495. for most 6-day (5-night) retreats -- only $82. per day. These are probably the least expensive, yet highest quality Tao retreats you can find in America today.
    • Tuition is $295. for most 2.5 -day (2-night) weekend retreat. This is the first evening's dinner & class, all next day (+breakfast/lunch/dinner), and on the third day, breakfast/lunch only. Does NOT include dinner on the third day.
    • There are a few exceptions to this standard $495. tuition price. Tuition for each retreat is listed on the home page.
    • If you take multiple retreats, the price goes even lower. Given the extraordinarily high quality of the faculty, it is truly a bargain. Many people take advantage of this and sign up for 2, 3, or more weeks.
    • Please note: to obtain multiple tuition discount, you must register for 2, 3, or 4 retreats BEFORE your first retreat begins. You must pay at least the deposit for the extra weeks, in order to get the multiple discount on ALL your retreats, including your first one.
    • If you sign up for one retreat, you may love it so much you enroll for additional retreats (this is very common!). You will receive the multiple discount on the later retreats only. There are no "retroactive discounts" for retreats previously taken.

    Multiple Attendence Discounts on Tuition

    Our goal is to offer affordable retreats. Prices have not been raised in 4 years!!! Our 501c3 non-profit Dao Alchemy Research Institute helps keep these prices low. See below for ways to donate to the Tao.

    Discount Price
    60 Days
    Prepaid Price
    (Biggest Discount)
    1 X 495 495 475
    2 X 480 960 920
    3 X 465 1395 1335
    4 X 450 1800 1720

    Note:Multiple discounts apply ONLY to retreats charging standard $495. tuition price. A few retreats have different pricing, see website homepage....

    • Noprepaid, special, or multiple discounts for retreats 1B or 2C or any weekends...
    • PRE-PAID DISCOUNT. To get the $20 pre-paid discount, full payment must be received by us 60 days in advance of the start date of the retreat. Room/board must also be prepaid.
    • If you attend one retreat and then sign up AFTERWARDS for a second retreat, you will receive the multiple discount tuition on the second retreat, but get NO RETROACTIVE DISCOUNT on your first retreat. Example: you pay $495. for retreat #1, then decide to stay on. Retreat #2 costs only $480. If you sign up for two additional retreats, Retreat #2 and #3 each cost only $465.
    • Room & Board must be added to above tuition (see Housing & Meals) unless extended payment is arranged.
    • Commuters must pay $100. facility fee per week.
    • EARLY BIRD BONUS. Tuition costs may be further offset by "Early Bird" bonuses if you register by April 15. You can receive up to $90. worth of free Qigong DVDŐs.
    • GET A BREAK ON YOUR TAXES! The other way to reduce your retreat cost is to claim a tax deduction for any retreats taken from our non-profit 501c3 (40% deduction is general rule when "value" is received for contribution).
    • DONATE TO THE TAO. The tuition cost is kept low by support for Healing Tao University from its parent non-profit organization (501c3), the Dao Alchemy Research Institute. Your cash donations are greatly appreciated and 100% tax deductible. We are grateful to accept donations of services, property, or other items for which you may receive a tax deduction.

    Special Category Discounts

  • $75 discount per week long retreat if you are:
  •  - a needy senior 63 & over.
  •  - a needy junior under 25.
  •  - a foreign citizen living abroad who must travel to the USA.
  •      (temporary residents living in USA do not qualify)
  •  - a certified Healing Tao Instructor with dues paid current.

  • $100 discount off tuition to review any retreat previously taken at Heavenly Mountain within the previous two summers (3 years).

  • $145 is the maximum total discount allowed off the base tuition per retreat, even when combining multiple and special category discounts. The only way to get an extra $20. discount is by pre-paying 60 days in advance.

  • No discounts of any kind on weekend courses.

  • Generous Extended Payment plans are available, please contact the office. There are also work study positions available (see Staff & workstudy program). Don’t let money stop you from following your path!
  • Scholarships. Our non-profit 501c3 organization will grant partial scholarships to a few students each week, generally a $200. grant towards the $495. Housing & Meal package (see next section). Apply with the Registrar for this partial scholarship - only given to those with genuine financial need. Subsidy may be combined with extended payment plan on the rest of tuition and housing package. Scholarship is not available to commuters.
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    Housing & Meals


    Healing Tao Retreats use the summer facilities at Mars Hill College campus, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It's a beautiful campus, with an Ivy League feeling. We have booked their very nice residential facilities on the edge of campus, next to a large meadow and forest. There is no air conditioning, but it's mostly not needed at 2500 ft. elevation. If there is an unseasonable hot spell, people sometimes buy a fan in town (or bring your own just in case we get a heat wave, if you are driving) . The rooms are really spacious apartments, and each suite has two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. The number of single rooms are limited, so please book and pre-pay for those early - singles get the same huge four room suite. Last minute signups on larger retreats may get different housing elsewhere on campus if we need to overflow.

    The rooms feel more like small apartments, and have kitchens. The residence halls are wonderfully cozy, an intimate place in which you quickly feel at home. The number of single rooms are limited, so please book and pre-pay for those early. Our rooms face beautiful mountain or forest views. Last minute signups may get different (i.e. older) housing without kitchens or a/c, but still very comfortable.

    These private residential apartments are far superior to the large "summer camp" retreat centers found across the US. All bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows) and towels are supplied.

    Laundry pay machines are available. The maintenance staff ensures all rooms (heated in winter) remain free of mold or mildew, so those with allergic or environmental sensitivities need not worry. All rooms/suites have a private bath.

    INTERNET. High speed internet hookup is available for free in each room -YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN ETHERNET CABLE. If your laptop doesn't have an ethernet port, there are a number of locations on campus that have free wireless.


    Meals are part of the housing package - we offer three delicious and healthy meals daily, prepared by our private chef. We accommodate vegetarian/vegan diets, if you notify registrar in advance. We are NOT using the campus dining facility.The meal cost is already included in the $495. room/board package.

    2. If you are a commuter, we'll add in five days of meals (3 per day) for only $105.
    No individual meals sold. Talk to registrar if you want to purchase a package of 5 lunch or 5 dinner meals.
    We encourage commuters to eat with the other retreatants, as a lot of powerful sharing happens over meals.

    3. If you have highly specialized dietary needs, you could choose to eat in your private kitchen that comes with every room (if you sign up far enough in advance - overflow may be forced to take rooms without kitchens). It requires extra shopping and cooking time. But be forewarned, the kitchens are totally bare - no plates, silverware, cooking pots, fry pan, drinking glasses, no blender, NO NOTHING. You need to bring your own or buy in town. There is a large super-sized grocery store about a half mile away with some organic food. If you have a car you can drive to Asheville 20 minutes away and shop at the many organic grocery stores there.

    Commuters: Can buy lunch at the college dining hall, eat in restaurants in town, bring a picnic lunch, or IF we have a private chef, order a set of 5 lunches or 5 breakfasts, etc. No individual meals sold, too hard to plan meal quantities.

    Meal Times at Mars Hill Dining Hall:

    (note: class times may shorten the time available to eat)

    Breakfast 7:00 am - 8:30 am

    Lunch 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

    Dinner 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

    Housing & Meal Packages

    Standard 6 day (5 nights + meals) Retreat Package:

    • Double room: $495. for 5 nights and 15 delicious meals (it averages out to only $99. per day for room & board).
    • Note: Most doubles have two private rooms sharing a single bathroom. If housing is in short supply, a late signup for a double may be assigned to a triple, i.e. two beds in one of the two bedrooms, but still plenty of room with a separate living room, porch, and kitchen and one shared bathroom (with a bathtub). Room assignment will be up to the registrar, and room configuration cannot be guaranteed to students at time of registration. Couples/friends should email the registrar after you register online, to confirm the name of your roommate/partner. Email: summersupport@earthlink.net
    • Forced Singles: If you request a double but no same sex roommate is available, there is a small surcharge of $20. per night ($100. for 5 nights). Healing Tao will do its best to find a roommate, but forced singles may happen. It's another reason to sign up early. If you actually hope to get a forced (i.e. cheap) single, let the registrar know your preference even though you sign up early, and we'll put you on the waiting list in case a forced single becomes available.
    • Single room: $795. for 5 nights and 15 delicious meals ($60. per nite extra). Must prepay FULL housing and tuition to hold a single. There are a limited number of singles. Some singles will have two single bedrooms and two private bathrooms within one suite, i.e. two singles sharing one entry. Last minute signups for singles may cause you to be assigned to an older building on a different part of the campus, that may not have a/c.
    • Above prices do NOT include cost of arriving one night early or staying one or more nights afterwards.

    Standard 2.5 day "Weekend Package" (2 nights + meals):

    (May NOT actually be on a Fri-Sun due to skewed retreat dates).
    • Double room is $250. for two nights and 6 meals (first night dinner thru third day lunch). Minimum deposit is still $150. Note: Forced single surcharge of $20. per night also applies on weekend bookings (add $40. to total).
    • Single room is $360. for two nights and 6 meals (first night dinner thru third day lunch). Must prepay to reserve.

    For stay-over night between retreats (no meals):

    • There is only one night between MOST retreats, if you are staying over. SOME HAVE 2 NIGHTS between them. Meals are NOT SERVED between retreats - you'll have to eat at a cafe in town (one dinner, breakfast, and lunch). Or if the college dining hall is open, they have decent food at low costs, and you can pay by the meal at the door.
    • You need to indicate the dates of your extra nights on the online registration form. The cost of Add-on Room Only to the standard 5 night package, whether arriving early or staying over, is specially discounted:
    • $50. per person per EXTRA night in double room. $495 + 50 = $545. package total. ($20. more per night if forced single, add $120., or $665. total)
    • $90. per EXTRA night per single room. $795. + 90 = $885. package total.
    • Note: If you leave your belongings in a room, but go away for a night's "vacation" between retreats, you still have to pay either $50. (dbl) or $90. (sgl) for the room.

    Local restaurants in Mars Hill (a tiny, two street town, pop. 1200 without studens):

    1. Main Street Cafe & Deli (downtown)
    2. El Dorado Grill (downtown)
    3. Osaka's Japanese Restaurant (1/4 mile towards highway entrance)
    4. Wagon Wheel Diner (1/4 mile towards highway entrance)
    5. Subway Sandwich/Hardees (next to highway entrance).

    Mars Hill College campus feels like a combination of mini-Ivy League and Blue Ridge Appalachian Mountains
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    Schedules & General Information

    The information below is given everyone registering at Tao Summer Retreats Mars Hill.
    We call it the “Tao of Harmony on Mars”.

    Please radiate Inner Smile at all times!

    Typical Daily Schedule

    Mantak Chia leads class in a tai chi posture.

    Morning practice: 7:30 - 8:30 am

    Breakfast 8:30 am - 10:00 am
    Class 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Lunch & Break 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
    Class 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
    Dinner 7:10 pm -

    Evening: free time or class, check with instructor

    Tao Bookstore

    Healing Tao Bookstore (location: Tao Registration office)
    Hours of operation are during lunch and after dinner.

    It may open at other times, by announcement, depending on instructor's teaching schedule.

    • There are substantial bookstore discounts up to 25% off on many audio and videos for registered students (cheaper than web prices, no shipping).
    • Healing Tao Bookstore has one of the largest collection of hard to find Tao books, music, posters, training equipment, very cool Taoist t-shirts, feng shui items, Taoists statues, everything found on the website and much more! Bring extra money, the goodies in this store are irresistible.

    Room Rules

    • Quiet Hour: after 10 pm. For late night activity, please use bookstore or other areas on campus so as not to disturb others sleeping or meditating.
    • This is a place to retreat. To listen to music, please use very low volume or bring headphones so as not to disturb others. The rooms do NOT have TVs. There will be a TV/DVD player in the bookstore for watching sample videos.
    • CONSERVE ELECTRICITY: PLEASE TURN OFF ALL ROOM LIGHTS when not in room. The climate is very comfortable. Most will be happy with an open window. If you are driving, you may want to bring a small fan in case there is a very hot period. They can be purchased locally, but may need a car to get there.
    • No one allowed in Dining Hall's kitchen. Bring your own munchies, or head into town.
    • FIRE SAFETY. No hotplates/cooking in rooms unless your room has a kitchen. Coffee/tea heating allowed.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING in your room or in any buildings on the grounds.
    • DRUGS. No illegal/recreational drug use or alcohol permitted while on retreat. No carrying open bottles about the campus. We are all about cultivating a natural high from the most pure original chi. Exceptions on drinking made for limited consumption of beer/wine for quiet private parties.
    • SECURITY. We cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items. The rooms do have keys, for $25. KEY DEPOSIT.


    • Office Telephone: 828-575-3825 answered by the Registrar.
    • INTERNET. Broadband connection will be available for free in every room. Laptops should have ethernet port. BRING YOUR OWN ETHERNET cable. Witeless hot spots are available elsewhere on campus.
    • CELLPHONE: Not all cell phones will work in these mountains. Verizon is the company that works best. Our office phone is NOT available to receive personal calls on, except for emergencies.
    • PAYPHONE: There are some on campus or in town.


    • LAUNDRY: During retreats there is no maid service. You may exchange towels one time (mid-week) in the laundry area in the residential dorm. Sheets are changed at end of each retreat.
    • IF YOU ARE STAYING OVER, your linen will not get washed unless you strip the beds. For housekeeping problems see our office or the "Conference Host" assigned to each residential hall.
    • If you are staying for next retreat, and feel your laundry is clean enough, just leave it intact on your bed and use it the next week. This preserves the great meditation vibes you put in it and conserves soap and precious water.
    • CHECK OUT on last day of retreat by 9 am, so staff can begin cleaning for next group coming in.
    • HIKING: Blue Ridge Mountains have miles of back country roads and hiking trails, some leading to peaks with spectacular views. Please do NOT hike without a buddy for safety (a Verizon cell phone adds extra protection against getting lost).


    Contact our Registrar: JULIA CONSIDINE
    Email: info@healingtaoretreats.com

    (Along with your questions, email your phone number & best times to reach you in case a return call is needed)

    Telephone for retreats: 828-575-3825
    Within USA only (toll-free): 888-750-1773

    Registrar hours DURING retreats: afternoons 1- 5:30 pm EST

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    Cancellation Policy

    • There is no penalty to change courses/dates before start of retreat. We strongly request that you make any changes 32 days in advance of retreat start, so we can plan meeting space size, etc. After retreat begins, you need permission from any instructor to transfer into their retreat. This generally must occur on the first day of the retreat, and only if someone realizes the course is truly not suitable for them. Please talk to me or Tynne about your need to change courses.
    • EARLY CANCELLATION: If you cancel 32 or more days in advance, the rest of your deposit (whatever amount you’ve paid) is refundable (less $150.00 per retreat). You may cancel by letter, stamp-dated fax, email, or phone message and must clearly identify your name and retreat. We must RECEIVE your cancellation by midnite of the 32th day – its NOT WHEN YOU POSTMARK your letter. We do NOT accept responsibility for technical difficulties in delivering your message unless they are caused by us (i.e. our answering machine is not working properly, etc.).
    • No refunds given after retreat starts. This applies to both housing and tuition. Occasionally credits for future retreats are granted for exceptional emergencies, such death-in-family or medical emergencies, at the discretion of Healing Tao USA. We will do everything reasonably possible to help you continue/finish the course at a future date.
    • LATE CANCELLATION: If you cancel less than 32 days before retreat starts:
      • Option A: DEPOSIT APPLIED TO FUTURE RETREAT. 100% of your paid deposit (less $150. cancel fee) is automatically credited to future retreats taken within 24 months (within next two cycles of summer retreats).
      • Option B: 50% CASH REFUND. If you don’t intend to take a future retreat within the next two summers (your best deal financially), you may request instead a 50% cash refund of the total cost of room/board + tuition due for that retreat. Payment will be made promptly to you.
      • If you have not paid 100% of that retreat at the time of cancellation in the last 32 days before retreat start, you still legally owe 50% of the total cost of that retreat. Even if you’ve signed an extended payment agreement or failed to pay that 50% in advance for some reason.
      • People who cancel late are naturally unhappy about this, but we assure you that 50% cancel fee is just to cover our overhead. Running a large retreat program is economically marginal at best, and becomes a losing proposition without long term planning stability to enable us to control costs of food, housing, marketing, staff and faculty. We rent the Healing Tao Summer Retreats facility for a hefty fee under certain performance expectations that do not allow us to underwrite last minute changes to your life plans.


    Contact our Registrar: JULIA CONSIDINE
    Email: info@healingtaoretreats.com

    (Along with your questions, email your phone number & best times to reach you in case a return call is needed)

    Telephone for retreats: 828-575-3825
    Within USA only (toll-free): 888-750-1773

    Registrar hours DURING retreats: afternoons 1- 5:30 pm EST

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    Healing Tao Summer Retreats Staff

    Healing Tao Staff

    Michael Winn,
    Healing Tao USA Founder
  • The founder and Director of Healing Tao University and the summer retreat program is Michael Winn. He coordinates the faculty and the programs and lives at Heavenly Mountain all summer to oversee its smooth operation. He teaches part of the core curriculum of qigong (chi kung) and inner alchemy. To read more about Michael Winn, click here.
  •  Julia Considine,
    Retreats Registrar
  • Julia Considine lives in Asheville, N.C. She was introduced to the Healing Tao in 2011 at a workshop on chi kung for women's health, and is committed to becoming a Healing Tao Instructor. The many spiritual practices she has learned over the years support her in living a joyful, healthy, beautiful, and abundant life. Julia is also a chef, runner, yogini, Sufi healer, and is currently studying public health.
  • Steven Sy,
    Bookstore Manager
  • The bookstore manager this summer is Steven Sy, a math graduate student from Michigan. He describes himself as "a Tai Chi teacher and martial artist who realized that deep inside, I wanted a more spiritual path. I first stumbled upon Mantak Chia's "Awaken Healing Light", and began to see the light. Then I stumbled upon Michael Winn's site, and then I began to get the Chi after attending his retreats."
  • Staff can be contacted by email at: info@healingtaoretreats.com or by telephone (see Contact)

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    TRAVEL to Healing Tao Retreats at Mars Hill, N.C.

    BY AIR:

    Mars Hill is 35 minutes (32 miles) from the Asheville, North Carolina airport (code AVL). It is 2.25 hours from Charlotte NC airport (CLT); 1.25 hours from Greenville-Spartanburg SC airport (GSP), and 2 hours from Knoxville, TN airport. US Airways connects via Charlotte, Delta via Atlanta, Continental via Newark, American via Dallas into AVL airport.

    There is no need to rent a car if you fly to Asheville. The only reason to rent a car is if you wish to drive around the beautiful Asheville area before or after the retreat. Asheville airport has major car rentals.

    There are numerous car services that will take you from the Asheville airport for $60. flat rate, which can be shared. (metered Taxis are $75.+) Go ahead and book your car service from the list below. Then notify our registrar (summersupport@earthlink.net) of your booking, she'll see if anyone else is arriving at about the same time to share a ride.

    At the end of the retreats it is usually easy to find shared rides to the airport. Sometimes staff offer airport service at similar price.

    When you register, you will be sent a map and directions to where on campus our registration office will be located (most likely in Brown Residence Hall).

    CAR SERVICE from Asheville airport:

    (828 209-3660 Airport desk will book for you as well).

    • Asheville Shuttle: 828 231 1053. Graham@silverliningservices.net. $60. Lincoln holds 4 persons.
    • City Transport: 828 280 1869. Keith. $58. SUV holds 6.
    • Blue Ridge Shuttle: 828 684 6964. Vic. $60. Van holds 6.
    • Grandy Car Service. 828 273 3214. $60. Van holds 6.

    BY CAR:

    Driving from Asheville Airport to Mars HIll:

    • As you exit the Asheville airport, turn left onto Airport Rd., drive 1/4 mile to second traffic light.
    • Entry ramp to Asheville is on your left. Take I-26 W/ I-74 West for 13 miles/15 minutes. As you cross a high bridge over the French Broad River, get in left lane.
    • Take exit 4a to the LEFT "Weaverville/UNC Asheville" onto I-26 W / US 19-23N / 70. Go 16.5 miles.
    • Take Exit 11 "Mars Hill/Marshall". Turn left off the ramp onto NC 213, go 1/2 mile, you will be in Mars Hill College, which occupies most of the town.

    Driving to Mars Hill from other airports:

    Check google maps. Generally, take 1-40 or 1-26 to Asheville, then follow directions above. If coming from Knoxville, there is a shorter back way on 70.

    Raleigh-Durham to Mars Hill: 4 hours +

    Atlanta to Mars Hill: 4 hours +


    • Biltmore Estate (275 room chateau, America's largest residence). $60/day.
    • Blue Ridge Parkway - beautiful curvy drive with scenic overlooks, with access to hiking the Appalachian Trail. 7 of 10 highest peaks on East Coast are within 2 hours of Asheville along the Parkway.
    • River Rafting on French Broad and Nantahala rivers near Asheville.
    • Hot Springs, N.C. Thermal baths (private tubs, open air). 23 miles from Mars Hill, take 213 W to 25/70 W.
    • Laurel Branch, gorgeous and serene river side hike, 5 miles before Hot Springs.
    • Asheville downtown has dozens of galleries, upscale restaurants, a River Arts District, lots of music and dance events, and 20 microbreweries (voted #1 micro brewery town in USA).


    NOTE: The hotels below are for seminars in Asheville ONLY. They are 30 minutes away from the longer retreats in Mars Hill. There are NO hotels in Mars Hill, should you opt to commute.

    1. Downtown Inn (former Days Inn) 120 Patton Ave: close to restaurants. $65. If you fly in, but don't rent a car, Downtown Inn is best choice. Airport taxis: $25 - 35.
    2. Asheville Graceland Art Hostel at http://aahostel.com/. Inexpensive, clean, and walking distance to Asheville workshops. Reserve in advance: no walk-ins. email: avlbooking@gmail.com 828-225-3278. Single rooms are $35-40., add $10.+ per roommate.
    3. Best Western on I-40 has a sauna/pool atrium, 15 minute drive, exit 44 off I-40 (828-667-4501). $69.
    4. Howard Johnson Inn near Biltmore Estate: older, spacious rooms. 828-274-2300. $69.
    5. Closest airport hotel: Hampton Inn (828 687-0806). $99-129.
    6. Enka Budget Motel (828-665-2100) $46-65. 15 minutes.
    7. Super 8 Motel (828-505-4648) $49-69. in low season, on Tunnel Rd.
    8. For apartment with kitchen, Extended Stay America on Tunnel Road (828 253-3483.
    9. For lovely (pricey) bed & breakfast, Richmond Hill Inn has 5-star restaurant.
    10. Ramada Inn also pricey, but good downtown location.
    11. For wilderness retreat experience, rooms with one wall open to a fairy forest, try Mountain Light Sanctuary. Barnardsville, 45 minutes.
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    Healing Tao University Faculty

    Note: Each year there are some changes in the faculty. The list of faculty is updated around February prior to the summer retreat session. Until then, the previous year’s faculty will be posted.

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    Healing Tao Audio-Video-Book Products

    Not everyone can make it to a retreat. Many people want to start studying in advance of attending the summer retreats – they can’t wait to start their chi cultivation practice.

    The perfect solution are the Tao Home Study courses listed below. Plus you get a nearly 50% rebate for many audio-video courses if you take that instructor’s retreat within one year of your online purchase.

    1. Michael Winn’s Tao Home Study courses

    2. Mantak Chia products

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    Please note that Tynne Clifford, our Registrar for the summer retreats, will be operating from her Connecticut address until about June 10, when she moves to Mars Hill.

    Healing Tao USA product fulfillment is handled by our Asheville, North Carolina office. They do not handle retreats, just as Tynne as summer registrar does not handle products. For products call 888-999-0555 or 828-505-1444

    For RETREAT Information & Registration By PHONE:

    Contact our Registrar: JULIA CONSIDINE
    Email: info@healingtaoretreats.com

    (Along with your questions, email your phone number & best times to reach you in case a return call is needed)

    Telephone for retreats: 828-575-3825
    Within USA only (toll-free): 888-750-1773

    Registrar hours DURING retreats: afternoons 1- 5:30 pm EST

    POSTAL MAIL Check payments for retreats may be mailed to:
    Healing Tao USA, 4 Bostic Place, Asheville, NC 28803.